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James & other Software

Our group is working on the general modeling and simulation framework JAMES II (JAva-based Multipurpose Environment for Simulation II) for several years. Meanwhile, this open source project is hosted at Bitbucket so that every interested developer can contribute to the project. For further information, visit the project site of JAMES II:

Besides JAMES II, our group has developed and is developing also other interesting projects:

  • SESSL: a domain-specific language for simulation experiments (can be used on top of JAMES II)
  • ML-Rules Sandbox 1.0: a demonstration tool for the modeling language ML-Rules, implemented on top of JAMES II
  • MicMac / MicCore: a specialized M&S software to simulate multi-state demographic micro models, based on JAMES II
  • P3J: a tool for probabilistic population projections, based on JAMES II