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S Biermann, A M Uhrmacher, and H Schumann (2004)

Supporting Multi-Level Models in Systems Biology by Visual Methods

In: Proceedings of the 18th European Simulation Multiconference, chap. 18, pp. 1-8, Magdeburg, SCS Europe.

Multi-level models describe a system on different organization levels explicating the structure of a system, in terms of its components and the interaction between those. In Systems Biology, multilevel models result in a hierarchical structure, whose different layers might comprise thousands of model components. To make full use of the advantage of multi-level models, i.e. the explicit representation of the model’s structure, visualization techniques are required that support overview and detail inspections in an interactive manner. Based on a model, which describes the tryptophan synthase as a multilevel model in James, we show how different information visualization techniques, i.e. overview and detail techniques, Rings, interactive foldings of substructures and sinks for information hiding, can be combined to support the analysis of even highly unbalanced model structures.

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