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Adelinde M Uhrmacher (1993)

Variable Structure Models: Autonomy and Control - Answers from Two Different Modeling Approaches

In: Proc. of 4th Annual Conference on AI, Simulation, and Planning in High Autonomy Systems - Integrating Virtual Reality and Model-Based Environments, pp. 133-139, Tucson, AZ, IEEE-Press.

Two different object-oriented modeling approaches, DEVS and EMSY, constitute the background to explore the area of variable structure modeling. The realization of various kinds of structural changes is discussed in both approaches. Against the background of their prime application domain, both approaches deal with the problem of structural change differently. While DEVS implies attention more to the intelligent control of structural change, EMSY emphasizes the autonomous character of the system. Nevertheless, control and autonomy are intertwined in both approaches to handle structural change.

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