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A Martens and A M Uhrmacher (1999)

Modelling Tutoring as a Dynamic Process - A Discrete Event Simulation Approach

In: Proc.European Simulation Multiconference ESM'99,, pp. 111-119, Ghent, SCS.

Most of the work in the area of simulation and education is dedicated to the process of teaching students the essentials of dynamic systems by simulation. Thereby the system to be taught becomes the subject to be modeled and simulated. However, the process of tutoring can itself be perceived as a dynamic process and can be treated as such. To support a flexible and intelligent tutoring process we distinguish between model and simulation level. At the model level we employ a state-based, modular, and hierarchical agent-oriented model design. The user is represented as an agent which moves through the tutoring process accessing its structure. Thus, agents and their changing interaction structure become central.

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