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Rolf Grützner and Torsten Christophel (1997)

Eine einheitliche Bearbeitungsschnittstelle META für Modellierung und Simulation

In: Umweltinformatik'97, ed. by Geiger, W. and Jaeschke, A. and Rentz, O. and Simon, E. and other, pp. 648-657, Metropolis Verlag, Marburg.

The project SACOM focuses on the development of ecological processes and complex models. Since the project serves not only to create new tools but also to integrate the problem of data interchange remains. For this reason, the model representation META was designed. The representaion is used as an intertface between tools in the current project. Basically the interface consists of C++ classes with data structures and functions. The paper gives an impression of this interface.

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