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Research Project: TutMoSi

  TutMoSi - Tutoring of Modeling and Simulation

Abstract: Intelligent teaching and training system for modeling and simulation in diverse areas, e.g. medicine, biology, environmental sciences.

  Research Project Information    
Runtime: Jun 01, 2005 until Nov 18, 2008
Project coordination: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alke Martens

Aim of the project TutMoSi is the development of a case-based intelligent teaching and training system. Application area is modeling and simulation. In the case-based setting, the learner takes over a certain role in the training case. In TutMoSi, he acts as the computer scientist responsible for model development. A virtual client presents a rough description of a system and requests for a simulation. The learner has to contretize the offered facts, abstract the given information, select a modeling formalism, and construct a model. He has to simulate the model, evaluate the simulation runs, and refine or modify the model, if required. The intelligent teaching and training system supports the learner by adapting the training case, and by offering feedback and help.

The intelligent teaching and training system will be constructed based on software pattern and on the adaptive tutoring process model. The developed software components shall be re-usable for similar systems.