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Research Project: EFSim

  Efficient and flexible simulators for cell biological systems

Discrete-event / hybrid simulation, Grid-computing, Multi-resolution simulation, Stochastic Simulation Algorithm (SSA), Gillespie Algorithm, Next Subvolume Method

  Research Project Information
Runtime: Sep 13, 2007 until Nov 01, 2011
Scientific staff: Dr.-Ing. Matthias Jeschke
Student staff: Carl Tümmler
Contractor(s): DFG

Different discrete-event simulators shall be developed and shall be combined in a component-based mode. The starting point will be the realization of different Gillespie variants. Those shall be combined with continuous simulators. Thereby, more recent approaches that allow the execution of differential equation models based on discrete event approaches shall be considered as well. Furthermore, concepts for spatial and multi-resolution simulators that operate on different abstraction levels shall be elaborated. The goal is an efficient and flexible simulation system for cell biological systems.