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Research Project: GEN HYPE

  Generic Hypermedia Teaching and Training System

e-Learning, Generic Teaching and Training Systems, Teaching- and Training Systems, Adaptive Hypermediasystem, web-based Teaching and Training System, Content Management System

  Research Project Information
Runtime: Feb 18, 2005 until Oct 31, 2007
Project coordination: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alke Martens

Generic Hypermedia Teaching and Training Systems, GEN HYPE, describes a collection of different hypermedia teaching and training systems and features. The term "generic" is used to denote the superordinate quality of GEN HYPE. A hypermedia system is characterized as: " A Hypermedia System is an application which uses associative relationships amongst information contained within multiple media data for the purpose of facilitating access to, and manipulation of, the information encapsulated by the data." ( The notion "teaching and training system" means, that the system is part of teaching and can be used for training.

Project Structure

    Generic Hypermedia Teaching and Training System
      Hypermedia teaching and training system - modeling and simulation in systemsbiology