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2015 (to appear)

  • Tom Warnke, Anna Klabunde, Alexander Steiniger, Frans Willekens and Adelinde M. Uhrmacher (2015 (to appear)): ML3: A Language for Compact Modeling of Linked Lives in Computational Demography. - In: Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference 2015. WSC '15.
  • Tom Warnke, Anna Klabunde, Sebastian Plath, Oliver Reinhardt, Frans Willekens and Adelinde M. Uhrmacher (2015 (to appear)): Modelling and Simulating Decision Processes with a Domain Specific Language. - In: Workshop: The science of choice - How to model the decision-making process?


  • Tom Warnke, Tobias Helms and Adelinde M. Uhrmacher (2015): Syntax and Semantics of a Multi-Level Modeling Language. - In: Proceedings of the 2015 ACM SIGSIM Conference on Principles of Advanced Discrete Simulation, pp. 133-144 , New York, NY, USA, ACM. SIGSIM-PADS '15.
  • Tom Warnke, Danhua Peng and Adelinde M. Uhrmacher (2015): Domain-Specific Languages for Flexibly Experimenting With Models. - In: Tagungsband zum Workshop der ASIM/GI-Fachgruppen, ed. by C. Wahmkow, P. Roßmanek, R. Wendorf, pp. 285-286, ASIM, Stralsund, University of Applied Sciences Stralsund.


  • Tom Warnke, Danhua Peng, Fiete Haack and Adelinde M. Uhrmacher (2014): Towards a Language for Specifying Properties of Simulation Trajectories. - Poster, , Computational Methods in Systems Biology.
  • Tom Warnke and Adelinde M. Uhrmacher (2014): An Approach for Spatial Pattern Matching in Simulation Trajectories. - Poster, , Winter Simulation Conference.