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A Martens (2003)

Discussing the ITS Architecture

In: GI-Workshop "Expressive Media and Intelligent Tools for Learning", ed. by Susanne Biundo,Thom Frühwirth, Günther Palm, pp. 396, Springer. LNCS 3238 / 2004.

The architecture of an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS) consists of a set of core elements. Those are at least the expert knowledge model, the pedagogical knowledge model, the learner model, and the user interface. Examinations of theoretical descriptions of ITS and implemented ITS have revealed that the usage and interpretation of the role of each of these core elements are very different. The main difference is whether the elements consist of content and delivery or whether they are only responsible for content or for delivery. In this paper, the heterogeneous realizations of the core elements are compared. An alternative architecture for case-based ITS is suggested. In this architecture, expert and pedagogical knowledge are reduced to data stores. A centralized tutoring process model is embedded, which is responsible for delivery of contents.

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