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A Martens and A M Uhrmacher (2000)

How to Execute a Tutoring Process

In: Proc. Artificial Intelligence, Simulation and Planning, pp. 114-122, San Diego, SCS.

The process of tutoring can be perceived as a discrete dynamic process and can be treated as such. Based on JAMES, modeling and execution are distinguished. The tutoring process is described in a compositional hierarchical manner. Agents are used to represent the user which moves from one interaction context to the next, steering and adapting the structure of the tutoring process. The first prototype has used the original JAMES execution mechanism. In contrast to the original application domain, a tutoring process comprises many facets of discrete control rather than of discrete event simulation. Therefore, the execution layer of JAMES has to be replaced to substitute ``simulation time'' with ``real time'' and to integrate the ``human in the loop'' into the execution more naturally.

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