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Neuer JAMES II (0.9.2) Release

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A new official release of JAMES II is available for download now.
You can get your copy from here.

This is a beta release.

JAMES II is an open modeling and simulation framework based on a flexible, plug-in based architecture. In principal you should be able to use JAMES II as base for all your modeling and simulation jobs. The framework can be extended by any modeling formalism, simulation algorithm, and auxiliary algorithms required for the application of modeling and simulation, and for modeling and simulation research. It might be reused as is or you can integrate (parts of) the functionality JAMES II provides in your application.

Having published this release we start working on our additional (already existing) plug-ins to be able to release them as soon as possible as well.

We hope that you enjoy JAMES II, and we'd like to get any type of feedback. If you have questions don't hesitate to send us an e-mail.

The next release is scheduled for August 29, 2013.